Join us on an adventure along the iconic Highway 89 from beautiful Flagstaff to Montana’s mountainous north. Dive into our carefully crafted itinerary, find hidden attractions, and discover the best spots to rest and dine.

🚗 What Awaits You on Highway 89

Our flagship itinerary for Highway 89 (also known as the National Park Highway) starts in Flagstaff, Arizona, and travels north over the course of 14 days, ending at the US/Canada border. Over the course of those two weeks, you will experience:

  • 🛣️ Over 1,200 miles of amazing scenery
  • 📷 Seven stunning national parks
  • 🌄 Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets over diverse landscapes
  • 🏞️ Hidden gems and local secrets along the route
  • 🍽️ A taste of regional cuisines and local delicacies
  • 🛍️ Unique shopping experiences in quaint towns and cities